Monday, 7 May 2012

Salford Election Overview

Looking At The Results

Thursday 3rd May 2012 was the day when the lib dem party was completely wiped off the map in Salford, and now holding 0 seats. The British National Party, in most wards coming before them, and beating others such as the green's and community action party (Communists). 

Stormin Normin No More

Most wards and some we have for the first time contested in Salford all percentages were up, and finishing in 3rd places and in Irwell Riverside where our Organiser lives and contests a fantastic 2nd place.

Labour did indeed win more seats, including the mayoral seat, and this is exactly how they did it. Labour used Unite Union to target all the postal voters which must have cost them a small fortune, and no other party in Salford could possibly compete with that. The postal vote registers are only available to the candidates / agents, so just how the Unite Union came across such information is your guess, Salford BNP Investigations revealed to the chief executive, Returning Officer Barbara Spicer, who gets over a whopping £200 thousand pounds of tax payers money, was made aware of the finding from the Salford team, and failed to disqualify or investigate our allegations of corrupt and wrong doings of the Labour Party and stressed if our Organiser Gary Tumulty carried on challenging and making such claims he would be removed and arrested at the count.

Barbara Spicer, Its Not My Duty 

Gary Tumulty's Comment on this is "The returning officer in Salford has a duty to the public to make sure elections are run fairly and within the guidelines of the law, Barbara did not like me challenging her authority, she was reading scripted answers and when i told her you have brought the council in to dispute and you should resign from your post, she went up the wall, another point i made to her was, you keep telling me there is no corruption in Salford city council or in the way elections are run, but the only way you can say this is failing to investigate claims of corruption".

Salford British National Party, got back some fine results, which we did not throw a lot of money in to, and we kept to our core values towards nationalists across the city, with no smoke screens, what you see is what you get no nonsense policy, Eddy O'Sullivan took 4.6% of the votes in the mayoral election, although we did not keep the deposit, which we would of liked, it was a very low turn out with a staggering 73% of Salfordians not bothering to vote, The mayoral election is a 100% increase on results and a building block for the next 4 years when we contest this seat again.

The 73% of voters in Salford are disillusioned with current government and feel let down badly, Salford elections mainly now rely on postal votes, around two thirds of people vote in this way, Salford British National Party in my experience, and any body who has ever been out with us in past, would have to agree its a seven to one support Pro BNP city, if them seven people went out to vote, we could have won, so its achievable, just a lot of hard work is required.

Make Your Mark BNP [x]

Our target is to continue to sign up soft supporters to postal voters, starting with members, then their family, then on to their friends, then high support white working class area's who feel let down by Labour, we need to also approach this with a double barrel approach, Local issues are the way forward, lets stop talking of national issues, although they matter a lot, locals are not really bothered by them, its the issues happening locally what is effecting them.

Salford has an issue with social council housing, local people can not get them, and express service will always be given to asylum seekers, this is a nation wide issue with every single council up and down the country, lets focus on it, the answer is not to build more, but the answer is to make applications more fairer for the local people. 

We need to take a leaf out of Labour's book, and step in to their arena, and tackle them face to face, look at their leaflets its all positive what they do for community's and local issues, we must learn an approach from the same angle, because we can do this much better than them, forget UKIP, Green's, National Front and the English Dems, they have there thing to do as we have ours, they are not the competition, In Salford all party's are completely different politically, but we all agree with one thing, Labour OUT! Labour are controlling many councils we should aim high, lets work towards smashing the Labour party, more smears and aggression is needed Parents against pedophiles, Labour25 scandal must be used to show hardcore Labour voters just what exactly they are voting for. 

Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party tell news team "Time is running out city's are getting occupied with immigrants, this is done on purpose for the sole reason of gerrymandering votes, Immigrants will never vote BNP, I mean lets see it from their prospective, would you vote against some body who has just gave you every thing for free, you don't bite the hand what feeds you, a well known fact. 

"Votes are coming from patriots and nationalist of this country, to current there are more of us than there are of them, lets focus on grass routes votes, the voter like who we are and what we stand for. 

"I would like to also thank all the candidates who have stood up for the Salfordians in this election, and to the Labour party, We are watching and awaiting your fall, because believe me it will happen, and i personally will help that take place the Salford British National Party are here to stay, and take the place of the traitors in the council" Gary Concludes 

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