Saturday, 2 June 2012

Nick Griffin MEP Speaks At Salford Post Election Meeting

Gary Tumulty Salford BNP

Salford British National Party, went ahead as planned with the short notice and surprise visit of party chairman and North West MEP Nick Griffin.

The evening started with branch organiser Gary Tumulty telling the Salford members of the recent elections results and how all our candidates in our branch had increased on both votes and percentages, 

David Spencer, Langworthy 282, 13.8% 3rd of 4 up from 7.8%
Brenda Leather, Cadishead 277, 12.8% 3rd of 4 up from 7.2%
Gary Tumulty, Irwell Riverside 202, 11.8% 2nd of 4 up from 7.8%
Wayne Taylor, Pendlebury 240, 9.4% 3rd of 6 up from 6.8%
Stuart Henshaw, Winton 210, 9.4% 4th of 5 up from 5.2%
Tommy Williams, Weaste & Seadly 197, 8.7% 4th of 5 up from 0%
Kay Pollitt, Swinton South 172, 7.3% 4th of 7 up from 0%
Eddy O'Sullivan, Claremont 192, 7.2% 4 of 6 up from 0%

Well Done Salford

A massive round of applause for each candidate was given, and the Mayoral election result was announced, Eddy O'Sullivan 2026, 4.6% 6th out of 10 up from 0%. It was also mentioned how only 26.05% of the public had bothered to vote, and two thirds of them were postal votes

Gary explained to the room, "For months we have been talking about the importance of postal votes and this is the key to winning election's, we do not have elections for two years so we have to move on this postal vote issue, its very important and can win you your seat in the council, we will be pushing hard in Salford for a block postal vote as the Labour party have been doing now since 2005, to beat the enemy you have to think like them, adapt their strategy plans"

Eddy O'Sullivan thanked the branch for placing faith in him as their mayoral candidate, and thanked for time effort, donations and support he had been giving in the run up to the election.

Salford BNP

The second part of the meeting was handed over to the party chairman north west MEP Nick Griffin who as always on full form, explained to the meeting just how busy he had been that day, explaining the protest outside Liverpool Magistrate's in support of National Elections Officer CLLR Clive Jefferson who was arrested and charged for simply crossing a line and handing out party literature to a member of the public who was interested in the party, whist protesting against convicted muslim pedophiles who where awaiting sentence 

Nick went on to a question and answer session answering covering such topics such as party finance, localisation of leaflets, postal votes, Europe, the economy and the way the establishment have tried and failed to destroy this party, and we are here to stay

Nick Griffin MEP

Nick Griffin MEP tells Salford, there is a saying "Enoch Powell was right, unfortunately he is not with us now, because he would without a doubt be a bnp member, people are now saying The British National Party are right because we are the one ones saying what the silent majority really think

Gary Tumulty "I would like to just again thank every one, who has helped Salford with elections, donated to our fight, a thank you to all my local activist team, who work very hard with no pay, just the love of the country I would also like to thank every body who voted BNP in this election"

To get involved with the pro active Salford BNP team or attend any local meetings contact Gary on 07909674006 email or write to PO Box 16, Salford M6 7PT.


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