Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Salford Housing Scandal

Welcome To The UK

By Kay Pollitt

Labour controlled Salford Council refuse to give the houses to the local Salfordians and show express preferential treatment to asylum seekers, in the great sixty minute house give away.

Local Labour councilors and left wing marxist communist style party's who control over 80% of the council refuse to acknowledge or speak about the social housing problem, many of the local case work Salford British National Party, councilors in waiting, take on this issue regarding housing and the current unfair bidding system which makes it impossible for the local Salfordian to be provided with council homes.

Fancy A House?

This week has shown further corruption by the council, and favoritism towards asylum seekers. as Salford Organiser Gary Tumulty, and partner Kay Pollitt explain.

Monday morning we went to the housing options building (formerly Salford opportunities) on Churchill Way, and was appalled to see that most of the waiting area and reception desk was took up by bags upon bags of clothes, toys, and other worldly goods. Gary managed to find my way through to a small space left to sit whilst Kay went to reception with her inquiry.

Kay shouted Gary fifteen minutes later in total shock, who then informed him of what she had just witnessed, whilst speaking to the receptionist an Asian man had rudely interrupted using only sharp jabbing motions with his hand and one word (letter) which he repeated over and over, Kay ignored this and continued to speak to the receptionist so he threw the letter on the counter, addressed from the UK Border Agency, then he shoved another letter on the desk this again addressed from UK Border Agency, this however had his picture and information about himself, the words he used for this were ID ID ID, Kay was then asked to return two hours later.

Airport Or Council Office?

Gary and Kay made a point of returning earlier than asked, and were just in time to see the man and his family being bundled into a people carrier with extra packages which looked to be food and believe it or not a a fan to cool them down due to the hot weather.

Wait For Your Home.

Five minutes later one of the local asylum seeker team came out noticed Gary and Kay recognised us from the 'heat or eat' encounter and verbally attacked Gary saying you have history of recording us, you better not be doing that today, stating that if he did he would be breaking the law but couldn't actually state which law this was, another member of the team were then overheard saying are we fully aware of who that is in reception his colleague replied yes it's the local BNP.

Defo Mine.....

It's evident from this days events that Asylum seekers ARE given council houses without a second thought whilst local Salfordians including young families are pretty much told go fend for yourself. and join the never ending bidding system.

Take It Easy, I Have Moved To Easy Street

Salford British National Party now make it their priority to fight for local houses for local people, for Salford residents reading this report, in support or facing your own housing issue, join the nationalist resistance contact Gary on 07909674006 or email

This is not the end of this issue and follow up reports will be following.


  1. Well done Kay and Gary for your brave assault on the very people that are seeking to destroy us. Keep up the fantastic work.

    1. I will pass your comments over to them, thank you for subscribing to the site Bulldog,and the donation was very generous