Friday, 10 February 2012

Salford Appoints Eddy O’Sullivan Mayoral Candidate

Saford Mayoral Candidate British National Party Edward O'Sullivan

Key officials, activists and members met and appointed long time stalwart Edward O’Sullivan to be their candidate for the May 3rd 2012 Salford Mayoral Elections. Eddy told the room that, as elected British National Party Mayor, he would be looking for transparency for all Salford City Council accounts. Every single penny should be accounted for and published for public scrutiny.

Eddy would scrap any frivolous and ill-considered council funded projects. For instance events such as Gay Pride parades, ‘Asylum Seeker Weeks’ and paying for Bangladeshi women to learn English. These projects offer no benefit to the vast majority of the people of Salford.

Eddy says “Public funds should be used to deliver the services that the silent majority of Salfordians wish for and not to subdue the extravagant demands of vociferous minorities, The system is currently unfair and we are here to provide fairness for all.

Common sense should be applied when considering any public spend. This will serve to drive down Council Tax. A full review is needed of the way public services are funded. We can’t keep to the lunatic Labour policy of borrowing, spending then borrowing again to pay those debts. It is very simple… we can only spend what we have got in our pocket and if we haven’t got it in our pocket then we can’t have it!

Eddy wants to make sure that the people employed by Salford council are doing the job they are employed to do in an efficient and cost effective manner. This means no more spending millions on consultants to do the job for them, shape up or ship out.

A full scrutiny of the Education policies within the City’s schools will be performed. We will not be teaching primary school children about sex and homosexuality. It is wrong and it has got to stop. Eddy states he wants common sense to replace political correctness.

Eddy is looking to create an environment where a strong and growing private sector can contribute to a leaner, more efficient public sector. Eddy wants local jobs to go to local people. Eddy wants the City to be investing in industry as share-holders and not simply handing out grants to hare-brained ‘make work’ schemes that hold out no hope of ever returning anything of benefit.

Eddy sums the mayoral elections up by saying “We the British National Party are the party representing the silent majority. It is vitally important to engage with that silent majority to let them know that there is a party that cares about them and that, in order to get what they wish for, all they have to do is vote for Eddy and The British National party. Eddy calls for a huge effort to inform the silent majority that the best way to achieve this is to sign up for the postal vote.

"We have always sent a positive message of hope and it is vital that we continue to send this message to the people of Salford who feel they have been passed over and forgotten. “The opportunity for an elected mayor in Salford is unprecedented. We really are the Salfordian’s last and only hope.” Eddy concluded.

Kay Pollitt was also appointed as Eddy O’Sullivan’s agent for the elections,

Gary Tumulty, Salford British National Party Organiser, tells correspondents “It gives me great delight tonight to see a close friend like Eddy appointed as the Mayoral candidate for the May elections, A deposit of £500 is required and returnable at 5% of the vote. This prompted one a local businessman to ring me early this morning. This kind gentleman promptly pledged to fund this deposit. We, as a branch, would like to say a huge thank-you to him for this.

” This is a great opportunity for the British National Party in Salford and it will also give 150,000 Salfordians an opportunity to vote for the British National Party” Gary Concluded.

Salford British National Party next meeting is on the 21st February where party chairman, Nick Griffin MEP will be speaking. If you would like to come along, sign up for a postal vote, or get involved with Eddy’s Mayoral Election campaign then ring Gary on 07909 674 006 or email


  1. Excellent! Good luck to the candidate and all stalwarts in Salford.

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  3. cheers gary for the update .il bell u in the morning .. good luck to this man Edward O'Sullivan.................

  4. As well as campaigning against the sexualisation of children in primary education I hope Eddy will be opposing the indoctrination of "diversity" in our schools which is nothing more than the promotion of mass immigration and multi-culturalism as something 'positive' which should be 'celebrated'.

    This aside, the campaign must focus more on the economy and quality of life in Salford which is in a sorry state. The electorate need to be left in no doubt that Labour has acted against the best interest of British working people nationally eg; 3.5 million immigrants let in to pressure jobs and public services, billions wasted on foreign wars ( not to forget the wasted lives of British servicemen), foreign aid, EU membership and expansion, allowing the banks to operate without regulation and recklessly and that Salford is now suffering from Labour's anti-British ideology.