Sunday, 5 February 2012

Heat Or Eat Salford

Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser

Salford British National Party activist hit the streets once again, like a well oiled machine, the heart team in Salford distribute thousands of the new ‘heat or eat’ leaflet, exposing the great asylum seekers free fuel top ups give away.

The reception is quite over whelming and delightful when going into blocks of flats occupied by elderly residents, we have now truly shown the British OAP’s what the labour controlled Salford Council just think of them.

The Labour Party Councillors have for years been telling the British Public it’s a myth that asylum seekers get all these hand outs for free, caught out and bang to rights the free hand outs are no myth.

Mail Out Personal Message 

One Elderly lady who approached us in one block of flats, who asked not to be named or photographed said “I used to vote Labour years ago, and before meeting you, my grand daughter had told me about this fuel hand out, to asylum seekers. 

“I never actually believed it, as my local labour councillor (Labour Joe Murphy 0161-736 4771) told me it was a lie, You have it on this leaflet in black and white, its shocking. 

“Thank you for being there and caring about us, trust me come the mayor elections in May you will have mine and my family’s vote”

Birds Eye View Salford

The Salford activists gained access to many blocks of flats which had communal areas, there were always people in there, and activists popped in to see how people are doing, The ‘Heat or Eat’ leaflet was a main topic of conversation after they had told them who they were and what they were doing.

Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party Organiser said “When I passed the leaflet directly to peoples hands, like in the communal areas I always tell them what it is all about, I am never negative I always just explain, we are not here to moan about it we are here to fix it

“Fixing broken Britain is top of our agenda, the work is never over till we take back what is rightfully ours” Gary Concluded. 

To get involved with Salford British National Party email your details directly to their organiser at 

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