Sunday, 12 February 2012

Pro Activity At Salford BNP

Pro Active Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty

As the cold snap, bites nationwide and the British public make contingency’s to keep their homes warm. The Salford British National Party branch continue with its stern message of hope and faith, a small team of hardcore activist’s across the city deliver the new controversial ‘heat or eat’ scandal leaflet.

Many of the high rise blocks of flats, which home the elderly, were targeted during this session of leafleting, A respectable number of the residents were signed up as new postal voters, News has already swept through the community, of how Salford Council has the attitude of ’fend for your self’ to the British OAP’s who freeze to death in their own homes every winter.

Sign Up To The Postal Vote - Its Easy

Salford British National Party, the only party, to stick it head above the rest and fend for its own people and OAP’s, have once again challenged Salford Council to stop funding Asylum Seekers and start looking after our own. More shocking was Barbara Spicer Chief Executive, who is also paid £202 thousand pound a year states “The council has obligations to asylum seekers, and the council will not stop meeting those obligations”.

Obligations To Asylum Seekers
Gary Tumulty Salford Organiser tells the news team, “We are the only hope for the British People, we can not afford to keep paying out stupid money for asylum seekers, its time to start spending wisely, look after our own, charity begins at home.

“I have had a fantastic day talking to some of the elderly members of Salford , who remember our city as it once was, before the colonization took place, its started to hit a cord, and people are now starting to realise it is the British National Party who are the only party prepared to fight for their rights” Gary Concluded.

Salford has a Mayoral Election on the 3rd May 2012, to get involved and help the candidate Eddy O’Sullivan contact Gary on the details below.

Out And About Eddy O'Sullivan BNP For Mayor
Most importantly sign up to the Postal Vote, all people viewing this site from Salford / Manchester ring / txt or email Gary on 07909674006 - there is no work required we will visit you and fill the forms out, all you do is sign, then VOTE British National Party (BNP).

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