Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Just Who Are Salford Labour Leafleting Elite?

Illigals Caught Out With Labour

Sighted in the Brookhouse Avenue area of Salford illegal foreign migrant pizza shop take away workers are armed with fist’s full of Labour leaflets for Margret Morris who is councillor for the Winton Ward of the city.

In a more sinister conversation Pakistani born Mohammed told our undercover political researcher that he was paid a mere £5 an hour, cash in hand to ensure the Labour leaflets hit the letter boxes, and was promised his immigration status would be reviewed for indefinite stay, as he was currently awaiting for a decision to be judged about his status at the UKBA Dallas Court where he was signing on, It was said the head of international relations for the city mayor, Steven Coen would personally write a reference for him. 

Salford Labour Order A Pizza

This wouldn’t be the first time the Labour Party make a blunder over employing illegal immigrant canvassers, as in 2010 during the general election campaign Salford MP Hazel Blears had harboured a Nigerian National, Rhoda Sulaimon who was due for deportation having overstayed her visa.

Another Labour star councillor across the city to whine and whimper about leafleting, is Howard Soul Balkind (Big H) who is supposed to represent the people of Swinton South in a bizarre facebook rant claims “it must be a nightmare stuffing and labelling envelopes, please wake me up. Oh no another 5000 election address to be delivered, another bad dream!” before switching his screen to twitter account to make another staggering statement saying “strange how the BNP eat in yum yum’s cafe and their leaflets disappeared”. 

Salford British National Party explain a different message, who inform this site, that indeed they was in this cafe enjoying lunch, when they heard a very upset Labour activist team on the phone to John Merry moaning about the quality of the leaflet, as Peter Connor had miss spelt names of roads in the constituency, including the councillors own email address, continuing to say Kersal was a dodgy ward to leaflet, so when leaflets go missing look closer to home. 

A spokesman from the Salford Branch said “so all is not well on the red front, employing illegal’s again, moaning and infighting, and these are the people who rule our city, well if the voters find these sorts issues out, it would certainly make them think, one real option in the face of all the disillusioned labour voters is simply just switch and go BNP”.

Contact Salford British National Party by emailing or write to BNP PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.