Sunday, 27 April 2014

An Insight To UKIP Salford.


The British National Party, the only patriotic party within the Salford district to stand up to Labours jack boot, communist style council, exposes Salford UKIP as non-other than a phony zionist funded pop up plastic nationalist party.

It has just been reported by local news outlets that indeed UKIP in Salford has been on the recruitment drive picking up many ex lib dem councillors, tory rejects and ultra-left wing green party candidates

First we have Andy Olsen UKIP Langworthy candidate who for years stood for the Green Party and in October 2013 last contested the Eccles ward.

Another ex lib dem  Joe O’Neill Swinton South councillor who went independent after a bitter in fight with the local organisers, losing his seat in 2010 he went on to become the Green Party Organiser, continually contest the Swinton south ward, This year he has turned the last roll of the dice and gone all UKIP, after condemning the party for racist slurs on his blog Mole45, the enquirer.

Mary Ferrer, Ex lib dem councillor fell victim to Nick Cleggs  u-turn on Student fee’s lost her seat in 2012 and turned to the Green Party in an attempt to regain her seat in Weaste and Seedley, an epic fail as Green policy is rejected she turns to 2014 standing under UKIP, making confessions that because of the media hype surrounding UKIP could be the key to re-election to the gravy train in the city council.

Janice Taylor a prominent Lib Dem member who has always stood in many wards has also turned her hands to UKIP in a bid to be elected in Irwell Riverside this year.

Shnuer Odze an ex Jewish Conservative councillor was suspended by Hackney Council and subsequently resigned his seat after he admitted having stealing a sack of town hall electoral registration documents, resurfaced in Salford to continue to contest seats for the tories up to 2012 when he also turned to UKIP.

UKIP candidates across the city of Salford hold no moral standards and are only in it to get elected, Left wing Liberals and extreme Green Party have infiltrated UKIP so if you are thinking of voting UKIP in Salford just think, would you vote Lib dem or green because if you vote UKIP that’s what you are highly likely to get.

Salford British National Party spokesman said “Think about it this way, The Lib dems and Greens are all for the EU and open boarder, UKIP claim a different message of a referendum in Europe and migrated immigration policy, so in effect for their candidates it’s the other side of the political spectrum, that would be like BNP members going off joining the SWP, Labour or communist party UK, you need to ask yourself as a voter what do these people offer and why all the switching between parties, if these candidates can’t get elected with UKIP where will they stop, maybe 2015 they will all go under Labour, only time will tell”.

A warning to UKIP, will these candidates walk with your seats if they get elected, can they really be trusted?

The only people’s choice in Salford is the British National Party. Are you registered to vote, get in contact today email letters of support send to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.

Please keep your eye on this site for the latest news surround the nationalist struggle and more reports are to come on the exposure on UKIP Salford, thank you for your support.