Sunday, 18 May 2014

Wild And Out Of Control Labour Fronted TUSC In Salford.

Labour TUSC Thugs

Trade Union against the cuts is the extreme left wing front of the Labour Party, acted like a wild pack of animals as the British National Party Truth Truck rolls around Salford in a demonstration of democracy and fair legal election campaign.

Hippy’s from the Barton Moss Anti fracking campaign and candidates from the Trade Union Against the Cuts, had planned an illegal ‘party’ on the civic centre lawns despite warned by Salford City Council officials not to hold this event as they had no permission and the council were holding ordinary members of the public weddings at the town hall, and this day of action would interfere with the bride and grooms big day.

As the drama unfolds protesters become a wild of pack animals jumping in the main busy road to block the British National Party advertisement vehicle, driving causing massive disruption to public services and many other road users.

 Footage From The Red Front

Winston Churchill once said “the new fascists of the world will come in form as anti fascists” and on Saturday 17th May them words rang true, the level of aggression of thugs banging on the windows in an attempt to smash through, swearing and spitting and even to the point of opening one of the doors to try and pull BNP activists out. With no moral standards this was all conducted in front of mothers with their young children.

British National Party Spokesman in Salford has sent this press release.
“On Saturday the 17th May 2014, the British National Party, were out on the campaign trail, before being met with a rent a mob of TUSC activists who attempted to suppress, our right to a freedom of speech and expression in an all round fascist way, The British National Party are the only party in Salford to represent the people, and continue to fight against issues like the cuts, bedroom tax, fracking and would like to restore a fair an open democratic Salford”.

“We thank Greater Manchester Police who deployed officers immediately to restore law and order and allow the safe flow of traffic again”.

The campaign was continued 5 minutes later and an epic fail to silence the only party in town to have the voice of what the silent majority think.

Again Salford British National Party campaign issues.

Stop the Bedroom tax.
Stop frontline cuts.
Stop benefit reforms and cuts.
No to fracking at Barton Moss.
Local Houses for local people.
Local jobs for local people.

Give Salford Labour a good shake up and on 22nd May 2014 vote British National Party, and not one of these fly by Johnny come lately parties, which pop up from time to time.

Contact Salford British National Party by emailing or writing to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.