Sunday, 27 April 2014

Salford Lib Dem Melt Down Two Years On.

Blast From The Past Stormin

Back in 2012 Salford Liberal democrats under the control of Norman ‘Stormin’ Owen went into turmoil as the British National Party smashed all their election results on wards where we went head to head, even to the point of losing their remaining two city councillors.

Previously reported Norman who declared war on the Salford branch of the British National Party, felt the full wrath when local organiser Gary Tumulty told Mr Owen. Whatever your political stance we have one thing in common Labour out! Stop having a go at us with your cheap name calling and concentrate on the real enemy of this city namely Labour.

Offering the olive leaf to Mr high and mighty Owen, who bit his nose off to spite his face, and rejected advice from Gary, leaving the Lib dems to be treated in the same respect as Labour.

Bringing it back to 2014 the local by elections come round, and to date the Lib dems have not be able to bring themselves back to the plate leaving only 2 candidates despite the 20 wards contested every year before the rift with the British National Party at local level. This must be very disappointing for local members as they were the 3rd main party within the city, plus they have the coalition within current government.

A Labour source now tells our political investigators that Norman and his wife have now joined the Labour Party and go out together delivering leaflets for the Salford branch, insiders claim Norman first joined the party shortly after losing his seat in 2012 to Labour.

Owens first membership application was rejected because he can be a very nasty poison vindictive man at times with a lot of baggage surrounding him in the closet. It is alleged John Merry Labours Leader in Salford who is always cross party recruiting told Owen keep your mouth shut and a low profile and he will get the national exclusive to overturn the decision of his rejected membership application.

Salford British National Party spokesman said “The lib dems had a chance, they could have called a truce with the name calling and acting like children with us, We say this all the time in Salford it’s one ruling body Labour, so when we all squabble with each other, Labour are laughing and walking in, time and time again, so whatever your political differences work with us to remove labour and restore democracy with in the city”.

Thank you to the Labour source’s and please continue to send your information to us at BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.

A question you could help us with is;

  • Ian Stewart is up to his neck with this fracking issue in Barton, but just how much and when did he invest?

  • What is now going on with Lisa Stone, has she re-joined the Labour Party after snapping her membership card up?

  • When will Norman Owen stand as a Labour candidate?

  • Will Salford Labour be making a deal with UKIP?