Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Working For The Communists ‘In Salford’ Council Staff

Salford Labour Marching With Communists

When the democratic system fails, and no real opposition stands in the way, the Red Front of the Labour Party in Salford pull the strings and shut down anyone who is opposed to them in the city, using council staff to do the dirty work, with the latest strategic move blocking the British National Party having a fair say against the cuts of the frontline services.

A full private meeting was scheduled to take place on September 1st by the local branch of Salford BNP – against the cuts, with many ordinary members of the public and cross party councillors who are generally concerned about the lack of transparency, openness and democracy in the city under Labours communist regime was invited and confirmed to attend this very important meeting, where a plan of action would be formed and action to be taken.

The meeting was booked to take place at Salford Civic Centre by the council’s events planning team who were only to, happy to accommodate us in the same very place of where the dirty deeds are undertaken. News as you can imagine reached the Labour Party and the city mayor Ian Stewart ordered his political puppets to shut the meeting down.

On the orders of the communists Neil Watts Electoral Service manager, who has nothing to do with booking of rooms for private party functions told our organisers he had cancelled the room, with no explanation or logical reasons other than the council had no legal obligations to hire the room over to British National Party to hold an anti cuts meeting.

We contacted Mr Watts who said “He was only following orders” but who’s orders he would not say, our source inside the council told us “Neil is a mere puppet fighting to keep his job, he is scared of the Labour Party and will not stand up to them, because he is not very good at his job as the  Labour party are well aware of, and that’s why they use him as a pawn, fear does strange things to people. So this spells out why elections are rigged and Labour get elected with nobody stopping the corruption down at the civic centre”.

Salford British National Party spokesman said “With the reference to Labour communists a lot of readers will say why do we keep saying this, I have sent a picture with this report that clearly shows Salford Labour Party branch, with their number one, city mayor, Ian Stewart marching with the communists in Manchester City Centre who are proudly waving red hammer and stickle flags and supporting Stalin banners.

“Salford Labour are a joke, this branch are pioneering the way in removing the red front from the city, unite and fight with us”.

The meeting is still going ahead as planned so please join us, no matter what party you are no matter what you think of the British National Party we must join and forget our differences as our fight is with Labour, all of us.

For more details email Salford@bnp.org.uk if you would like to send any donations towards leaflets exposing Labour or information no matter how small the send it to BNP Against the Cuts, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.


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