Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A Sunny Salford BNP Meeting.

With the heat peeling the pavement, and all the summer barbeques taking place Salford British National Party hold a well attended regular as clockwork meeting chaired by stalwart Eddy O’Sullivan.

One of the guest speakers was party super activist and chairman of the ‘Stop the Astley Bridge Mosque Bolton’ community group Bryn Morgan, who came to give an update of the activities that have formulated around the planning permission and the 1.1 million or so pound of tax payers money given to Muslim’s by the corrupt Labour Council to build another super mosque on British soil in Bolton.

Bryn who has worked tirelessly to oppose this mosque being built outlined how he has formed a petition with well over 5000 signatures, was shunned by the council who in a one sided public meeting disrespected the locals in Bolton and granted permission for the build, pandering down to the Muslims as Bryn handed the petition over, which lead to protests as previously reported on a British National Party site.

Bryn outlined to Salford the seriousness of this issue saying “I am doing this to secure the future for my children and grandchildren, enough is enough no more Muslim appeasement, no more mosque on UK soil, and for them Muslims who have threatened me, go ahead cut me as my blood will bleed red white and blue” to great cheer. 

After a short break North West Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty took the floor, for members to ask questions of the recent structure change.

Gary outlined “The North West and Salford would like to thank Nick Griffin for all his effort and hard work he did for the party, and wish him well in his new role as president, Adam Walker we welcome as leader and we will facilitate and support him all the way”.

On the night we had 6 old members renew their memberships and 9 new members sign up along with a very healthy collection showing the branch and the party is in a fit bill of health.

Gary tells RWB News “Thank you again for all the support the membership gives as always, I am looking forward to Adam’s new fresh approach to sensible politics. I am sure we will have a lot more to report in the near future”.

To contact Salford British National Party email To make a small generous donation to the branch send it to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT (Postal orders payable to British Heritage).