Monday, 17 March 2014

Salford Will Not Call Its Self Manchester – Big Problem Say BBC.

Members of Salford BNP Outside Media City BBC Studio

Since the BBC has moved to Media City it has attempted to bad mouth the City of Salford, starting with giving staff financial sweeteners to re-allocate, many stars have refused point blank to move to its new home on the quays, and now dragon’s den presenter Evan Davis, Claims both Salford and Trafford should start to refer to themselves as Manchester.

Echoing Mr Davis comments the BBC organisation also bizarrely claims they are already based in Manchester, in a bid to boost the area’s international reputation. The BBC has been at the forefront of taking a £20million donation in an eight year deal from the Labour Party at the helm of Salford Council, despite the £25million cuts to front line services, including 300 or so civil servants who will lose their jobs.

We love Salford and it is to remain that way is the sound coming from Salfordians across the city after learning news of the BBC wanting to single handily destroy our culture, status and identity. 
 Salford a major metropolitan city was first here long before Manchester, dating right back to Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in 923 and is currently home to 234,500 ranking 65th in order of largest population of the 326 cities in the United Kingdom.

Proud Salfordian British National Party North West Organiser Gary Tumulty, talking from his home town said “If the BBC is not happy with Salford then tuff, this is Salford I love it, and would not change the people for the world, I notice the Labour Mayor has also spoken out in his best Scottish accent against these comments from the BBC, well he would do because if there was no Salford he wouldn’t have a job, he is not a Salfordian like me, so I feel he has just spoke out as a mere publicity stunt.

I remember the BBC promising the people of Salford thousands of jobs to be created once they moved in and to date of the thousands of staff there its said just over 100 people are local and have jobs like cleaner’s / security guard’s and receptionist that pay only national minimum wage, and most of positions are on zero hour contracts”.

Love Salford, Hate BBC

BBC Media city is on the Salford Quays and played a vital role during the wars, being a major player in distributions of ammunition and supply’s for the troops on the front line fighting for our freedom, while being heavily bombed by the Nazi’s in world war 2, originally opened in 1894 by Queen Victoria and spans over 120 acres of water and 1,000 acres of land. 

At their height the Salford Docks were the third busiest port in Britain, Then closed in 1982, and went under major development, home to the Lowry Centre, Imperial War Museum, Media City, Salford University, along with hundreds of new business’s, cinema’s restaurants and residential apartment’s.

 People of Salford give the BBC the boot and don’t pay your TV licence, they want to destroy us whilst telling you lies with their multicultural rubbish they like to pipe out.

Contact Salford British National Party by emailing letters of support can be sent to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.