Monday, 3 March 2014

Salford BNP Take On More Local Issues

Getting lighting sorted

Grass route politics is a message Salford British National Party has pushed for a long time, every voter have everyday issues that need addressing, the latest problem on the streets was the state and condition of street lighting and how it is not adequate or in some cases not working.

It attracts crime disorder and scares people to walk the streets at night as they do not feel safe, many complaints flooded in from the public who wanted problems with street lights dealing with as the Labour Party are not bothered and are only interested in lining their own greedy pockets with cash obtained by the Salford tax payer.

Taking the fight to the lion’s den and playing in the arena of the Labour Councillors, Gary Tumulty acting North West Regional Organiser, for the British National Party came to the aid of those who have been affected and placed various jobs with the council to get the problem tackled.

Salford City Council highways inspectors who met and agreed with Gary on many occasions, said the lights on the streets in various locations in Salford were that out dated and in such a bad state that new ones would be required to suit the needs of the public, and then organised for the latest technology in lighting to replace the old existing ones and within a few weeks the whole estate had new lights installed, leaving locals very happy indeed.

Out with the old

Gary said “Thank you to the council for their fast response in getting the street light issue quickly resolved, it was no thank you to the Labour councillors who claim to represent the voters when in reality the only thing they do want to put there name against is the open cheque books from the city treasury when they are cutting a slice of your money for themselves”.

Joyce Bennett Salford OAP said “When I contacted Gary he came straight round to help, my councillor couldn’t be bothered, he told me he was too busy, I have been subject to anti-social behaviour from local youths gathering and drinking at the end of the road, I am too scared to leave the house once night falls as it very dark and that’s when the youths seem to group up especially at weekend. The street CCTV cameras are no good because it’s too dark to see anything, the council and local PSCO’s tell me. You very rarely see the police tackling anti-social behaviour in Salford, as they only patrol the street in day light, office hours they say, when it doesn’t really happen. With these new lights on the street the youths have stopped coming onto the road as you can see everything, meaning the cctv camera’s work much better, so it’s achieved its goal and is diving down anti-social crime in the area.

“I did see my local councillor who said to me oh I see you got your street lights fixed and he has horrified to learn it was the BNP who had fixed this problem, Gary has my vote now, I will urge others to do the same”.

Have you got a local issue that needs addressing with the council? Contact Gary on or write to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.