Thursday, 5 December 2013

Irwell Riverside – Salford Axe Labour Councillor

Who??? Why?????

Gearing up to the 2014 Local elections, and European Elections in Salford the Labour Party have slashed new boy Matt Mold for an older Labour activist to stand in Irwell Riverside in 2014.

Matt, who has only served a three year term in office at the Council, was exposed by the BNP branch organiser Gary Tumulty as nothing more than a drug smoking, foul mouthed, party animal student who had nothing to offer his ward.
 Does Your CLLR Do This?? New Labour!

Gary, who lives and stands in the ward, campaigns for a fair deal and a change of regime under the Labour Party, went head to head with Matt back in 2009 and returned a surge 17.1% BNP percentage with only 330 votes between them.

Labour who now don’t feel so safe in the Irwell Riverside ward for the second year running side shunt and remove councillors, as the last one to face the axe in 2012 was long time Councillor Joe Murphy, labour sources have revealed that because of the continuing rise of BNP support in Salford, especially in Irwell Riverside they now fear that they could quite possibly lose a seat to Gary Tumulty, which would open a whole new gateway for fellow BNP candidates to follow.

Acting North West Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty, from Salford tells site “Labour or BNP is the question I ask people whilst canvassing the doors or Irwell Riverside, because no other party really can take them out, I am coming 2nd in the elections now, and this is because of the hard work I invest to the voters.

“I will contest that ward in 2014, and again we see another Labour ‘wannabe’ councillor from Irlam wanting to represent my local people, well she better be in for a rough ride, because I will not hand the Labour Party these seats, they will find a wall of fire not just with me and my ward but with every BNP candidate who stand in Salford”.

Are you registered to vote? Are you a postal voter? If not you must contact Gary today because tomorrow is to late, email, letters of support or small kind donations for the Salford Branch can be sent to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.

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  1. What's wrong with that woman's eyes? I don't mean to mock if she is genuinely disabled but those eyeballs have political views of their own. One is far left and the other is far right!