Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Chief Executive Salford Council Resigns

Just Only If I Listened To The BNP Warning!

It’s been a month after news swept through city that overpaid chief executive Barbara Spicer is the latest casualty under the current regime Labour Mayor to take the boot.

Scary Spicer talks of untenable working conditions under the communist sympathiser Ian Stewart Labour Mayor, since he took power of the council May 2013.

Spicer who had just under nine year service to the council, and claim a mega pay packet of around £212,000 of tax payers cash, had a major rift with Stewart, who took it personally, and bided for her to be removed, despite his mayoral candidates pledge manifesto to keep Barbara.

In a sinister announcement to council staff Labour’s Stewart claims “He was going through a review of the council’s organisation and structure and as part of the £75 million cuts to Salford Spicer must go, but not through choice”.

The Mayor was also quick to spend a further £20,000 on a consultant to come up with the conclusion the Chief Executive role will not be replaced, but will create another position of ‘Council Manager’ and that position will carry a pay packet of around £70,000.

Salford British National Party held back with the reporting of this news, as they wanted to wait to see what ‘Golden Handshake’ Spicer would receive, the branch did send out this press release -
The British National Party Salford Branch have made it no secret in the past about wanting Salford City Council Chief Executive Barbara Spicer to resign, on many occasions we have asked her to take such actions.

We believe that Barbara was overpaid claiming in the region of £212,000 of tax payer’s money whilst spending excessive amounts on working lunch’s at the Lowry and taking first class travel to London.

If our candidate Eddy O’Sullivan would have been successful to become the first city mayor then one of the first actions for him would have been to review Spicer’s position, and the options would have been laid out, Pay cut or leave.

Mr Stewart Labour mayor in his campaign made it clear he would keep Barbara as the Chief executive for the city, and now we learn of untenable working conditions under his regime. So again another high profile member of staff in the past month has been given the push, we would like to think Barbara has paid the price of our warning we issue all voters and council staff, get rid of labour before they get rid of you.

On talking to this site Salford British National Party spokesman said “The golden handshake is being well hid from the public, because everyone in the council is scared of Ian Stewart, you can rest assured it will be a five figure all round nice sum for Barbara.

The embarrassing thing is that I spoke with Barbara some time ago, and I directly told her, get rid of Labour before they get rid of you, and how the roost has come home, I think the Mayor has been taking BNP advice on removing an overpaid person who claims to run the council, or was it a power struggle because he doesn’t like being told he is wrong or anybody arguing with his socialist ideology.

Council insiders did tell us, Barbara spent most of the time off on the sick, and that time was spent in her villa she has in Spain and more than one or two people were left red faced when asked if it was true”.

To contact Salford British National Party, email and keep them letters of support, along with the tip offs to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT

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  1. Good riddence to the parasite who I call 'ugly spice'. She had a good run while it lasted, syphoning money out of council funds while the average jo has to struggle.
    Good riddence.