Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Swinton Show Support For Salford BNP

On The Door - Sign Away

News has defiantly hit home with the voters of Swinton South of the Labour Party Councillors dirty trick’s of breaking the electoral laws and being guilty of being anti-democratic.

The arrogance of one particular Labour Councillor Howard Soul Balkind has certainly been heard with Labour supporters also who are very upset with the candidate selection of him in 2014 when he is due to stand once again for the party, One Labour supporter who didn’t want to be named said, “I have voted labour all my life, but after discovering in the local paper what Balkind has been up to, I am going to be voting elsewhere this year, and I as a local community activity organiser can certainly say I am not alone with this view”.

Hate Balkind was the message coming across for sure from that person, when Salford British National Party activists were out collecting postal votes from the ward in the run up for the 2014 local and EU elections, News has also come to light that the Local Labour Party are in somewhat disarray as bitter in fights and membership cards being snapped by activists and councillors (More to come on that).

Hard At Work

Along with hundreds of postal vote applications collected in a short amount of time, activists have distributed thousands of voice of freedoms and copies of the ‘British Nationalist’ addition which outlines BNP councillors, candidates and activists are different and work with communities to improve the British people’s lives.

Salford British National Party spokesperson said “We have witnessed a score of support from this ward, although we are contesting a by election in Weaste and Seedley the work continues in other surrounding wards on the build up to the EU elections,

“When I speak to people on the doorstep it reminds me on why I joined the political word and the British National Party, and that is, the amount of anti labour people out there, the people of Salford are not stupid despite what Labour think, people are warming round to the idea of voting against them and giving someone else a chance”.

If you missed us and would want a call from the British National Party and would like us to call around at your convenience then do not hesitate to make contact also to the Labour members who are feeding us with the information, please continue to send us stuff at BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT. (We would like to know why ex lib Dem members are delivering your leaflets in Weaste and Seedley, plus has the ban on Norman Owen been lifted on joining up, as it was his wife spotted on Monday armed with Labour leaflets).

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  1. Norman's Misses posting Labour leaflets Piss myself laughing !!!!!!! Well done exposing that 'Baldykind' Idiot.