Thursday, 12 September 2013

GMP Fail To Take Action In Salford.

Howard Soul Balkind

Greater Manchester Police, the Labour Commissioner Tony Lloyd’s foot soldiers, fail to take action against councillors for Breach of the requirement of secrecy contrary to Section 66(4) of the Representation of the People Act 1983.

Ex Tory come Labour Councillor Howard Soul Balkind, of Vine Street Kersal, a Jewish freemason attacked the British National Party Candidate in public, on social networking site Twitter claiming we had only received 10 votes at a postal vote opening he had attended earlier that day.


The Representation of peoples act section 66 requests all parties and candidates to comply with a secrecy code of conduct, which clearly states you must not communicate or predict any result to the public.

Bang to rights a predominant anti fascist, anti racist, Balkind’s was arrested and admitted under caution that indeed he did use the official twitter account to breach the secrecy code set out by the electoral commission and is outlined in past law of the land.

Labour’s boot boys Greater Manchester Police officers who tried to justify Balkind’s actions saying in their words ‘He lost it on the social network’ because Salford British National Party had dared to have a full open public meeting to discuss local policy with local constituents of Weaste And Seedley, of where he turned up to protest along with the mayor wearing a gold giant sheriffs badge to look the imberseal that he is.

Salford City Council Democratic Services and the Electoral Commission who both sided with the British National Party over this predictive tweeting issued formal warning to the Labour Party on how they conduct business in the city, and Balkind was also barred from the Weaste and Seedley count for his anti-democratic ways.

As the case unfolded and statements were made to the complex case unit, special crimes department of the CPS after months of deliberation and high profile meetings came back to the table with no charges to be brought against Howard Balkind, and Greater Manchester Police will not appeal the decision, despite the crime being committed and admitted.

Bad Boys - Sheriff

Salford British National Party spokesman said “Well it seems to be the norm that if you’re in the Labour Party and you break the law then its ok, you get away with it, Greater Manchester Police has been infiltrated by the Labour Party, the corruption is rife, from the council’s to the government and now the authorities that are supposed to protect the public.  

In Salford we get it, the officer is only doing his job and following orders, and really who would bite the hand that feeds you? I will say when the boot is on the other foot, because one day it will be, lessons will be learnt the hard way.

The vile and nasty Balkind, I have had the displeasure of meeting face to face when he turned up at a public meeting organised by the branch where he was piping on about being Jewish, being from Russia and fleeing the holocaust, not mentioned at that meeting was the fact that Jewish Bolsheviks’’ Leon Bronstein Trotsky and Vladinir Lenin murdered over 17 million Europeans from 1921 to 1947 in a genocide which is recognised by Canada, Australia and around 15 other countries. This genocide was called Holodomor which was ethnic cleansing that is never mentioned. The founder of communism Karl Marx was also Jewish – and in the 19th century wrote in his scripture that Scottish highlanders, slaves, Bretons where racial trash and must die in a holocaust.  (For more information contact the Canadian and Australian governments)

To contact Salford British National Party email or write to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.


  1. About time the GENOCIDE of Europeans has been brought to light. I wonder if Balkind is a HOLODOMOR DENIER? There were Thousands of Jewish Bolsheviks Murdering Christian holy men by nailing them to ceilings. Christian children were raped by Jewish Bolsheviks and had to be treated in special hospitals for sexualy transmitted diseases. Jewish Bolsheviks then took all the grain and livestock from the Christians causing the biggest Genocidal ethnic cleansing in human history. Jewish Bolshevik Leon Bronstein Trotsky then said to the Christian Europeans.. "When your women eat your children then say you are hungry". Jewish Bolsheviks caused Christians to commit CANABALISM in Europe when mothers ate their own children. Everyone should keep this text so next time bolshevik FILTH call you names.. Just shout "HOLODOMOR DENIER".

  2. The Biggest most Instant killing on the planet was a Jewish creation. 100,000 women and children clinging to each other as their flesh was melted onto the floor. Dr OPPENHEIMER caused cancer and deformities in millions after Hiroshima and Nagasaki was oblitterated.
    Still want to talk about Holocausts Mr Balkind?

  3. Labor. You forgot to mention Albert Einstein wrote a letter to President Roosevelt in August 1939, the famous Einstein–Szilárd letter, warning Roosevelt that Nazi Germany was in a position to create a super bomb by splitting the atom. This warning by Einstein was the impetus for the creation of the Manhattan Project. The Manhattan Project started in 1942 was the USA's atomic bomb project.

  4. Magee. Einstein was a Zionist set up. Anyone with sense can rell you that. Google "The Samson Option". It is Israeli.. just like in the bible, instead of Samson bringing down the theatre killing everyone including himself inside, He kills the innocent as well. "The Samson Option" is.. If Israel is not defended by the west.. they will fire nuclear missiles at everyone to cause world war Three. Pure evil to even point weapons at Britain when they point non at you!

  5. It's always been notable that these chauvinistic master-race Jews such as Balkind, and his patronising Labour comrades, consider it acceptable to flaunt their Jewishness like a badge of honour, yet when gentiles declare their pride at being white, the likes of Balkind and his fellow Labourites shout 'racist!'. The sign of a Jew with a master race mentality, no different to the likes of Lenin and Trotsky.

  6. The holohoax is all they've got left. When it's finally exposed the whole world will turn on them.