Sunday, 13 February 2011

Walkden North Battle On

The campaign for Walkden North continued in earnest this past weekend with thousands of leaflets and Voice of Freedom newspapers distributed to residents homes reports organiser Gary Tumulty.
Dozens of acivists from all over the North West spent saturday and sunday helping candidate Keith Fairhurst in taking the British National Party message to the heart of the community, where the residents were genuinely pleased to see us. continued Mr Tumulty.
The general feeling in the area is that most people are fed up with Labours ineptitude, and are sick of the poor service they get from Salford council. We are here to give them the opportunity to give Labour and the rest of the old gang parties a clear message that they won't stand for it anymore. concluded Mr Tumulty.
Candidate Keith Fairhurst added, I had a long and interesting conversation with an elderly resident who has lived in Walkden all her life. She told me that she has seen first hand the changes in the area, and not for the better. "Sticking a stupid bloody red bit of tarmac at the junction on the end of my road is the sort of rubbish that goes on round here" she said. " They dont do anything about the potholes though" she said. "Waste of money if you ask me" she ended.
The residents of Walkden can rest assured that if I am elected, I will be ensuring that the council spend money on projects that improve the area, and not daft ideas that some idiot has come up with. I will be campaigning on the issues that affect them, and making sure that Walkden remains a nice place to live concluded Mr Fairhurst.

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