Friday, 25 February 2011

Nick Griffin 'IN Salford'‏

North West MEP and leader of the British National Party Nick Griffin wowed a large and receptive crowd in his first ever Salford meeting. reports organiser Gary Tumulty.
Mr Griffin held a questions and answers session, and he gave his opinion on a wide range of different topics, from what he thinks of  the alternative voting system, to explaining the sinister and subversive "Common purpose"organisation continued Mr Tumulty. He certainly opened a  few eys, especially those first timers, who had no idea that common purpose existed, never mind what they did.
Mr Griffin was the envy of the Salford crowd when he succesfully bid for a unique one off painting of St George, kindly painted and donated by a Salford member, in an auction to raise funds for the upcoming local elections in May, said Mr Tumulty, and I know he will put it in a prominent place at home.
Deputy organiser Keith Fairhurst added, Mr Griffin does what the other party leaders cannot do, and thats speak from the heart. No autocue, no spin doctors, just truth,and he doesn't need an army of advisers and script writers because he knows what he is saying is right. We are honoured to have had our chairman come to Salford and speak, and we hope he comes to grace our meeting again very soon.
The hugely succesful meeting raised over £300  in a collection, and a large amount was also raised in a raffle, the main prize being a huge teddy bear, donated by Nick Griffin.
The bear, also called Nick, was very happy to be taken to his new home in Liverpool, and we in Salford wish him all the very best. concluded Mr Fairhurst.


  1. Ace. Our Nick is the best! Good show.

  2. Brillant Nick For Prime Minister he will sort it out