Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Exposed Town Twinning In Salford

North Korea / China or Salford?

Salford allegedly twinned with Lünen, Germany, Saint-Ouen and Clermont-Ferrand, Narbonne all in France, you ask yourself, what does it mean, what’s the cost and what are the real benefits to the tax payers of the city?

A freedom of information request to Salford City Council reveals how a staggering £87,309.75 of your money was spent on town twining over the past five years, with £3520.80 dedicated to staff trips to France, to visit various locations, it’s been detailed also on average £12,000 a year in grants are given to cities that have been twined with Salford. In the year of 2011/12 the council paid £14,925.78 towards the ‘St. Ouen 50th Anniversary’ and appealed for memorabilia, delegates from the St Ouen Twinning Association where also invited over to Salford to take part in a chess tournament at Swinton Civic Centre.

Labour’s Salford Council is one of the worst councils in the country for major debt, and paying top whack wages whilst cutting front line services like weekly bin collections, relentlessly like to waste your hard earned cash paid in tax’s on stupid venues like town twinning.

The Electoral Reform Society last month twinned Salford with communist country’s North Korea, China and Cuba which cost the tax payer not one single penny. Town twinning is an unnecessary spenditure and offers no real advantages to the city of Salford, the time has come to review council spending and to cut things like this,  Salford British National Party spokesman said “Well what do you expect from a council which is not accountable to anyone other than the Labour Party, who really do like to waste your money, whilst also hoovering millions of pounds to line their pockets, whilst there is no opposition in power this will continue to happen, the only thing Salford BNP will do until we get some powers is to continue to expose the wrong doings of the Labour Party in this once great city”.

Have you got a story to be heard? Contact Salford British National Party by emailing or write anonymously to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT. We thank you for your support.

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