Monday, 27 May 2013

Salford’s Power Mad Mayor

The Ugly Head Of Salford

One year on and sixty nine thousand pounds of public money better off,  Salford Labour Mayor Ian Stewart announced two more senior town hall managers to move into an already strong office, Stewart who is already best known for stabbing fellow members and former leader of the council John Merry in the back, to get where he is today. 

Surviving the continual internal Labour rift, Ian also went on to appoint 13 of his best allies as assistant mayors and doubling councillors wage David Lancaster deputy mayor, to around £42,000 a year, with all the smears about how Ian Stewart had been involved with women beating and getting younger girls pregnant, and Labour25 paedophile scandal hitting the press, he also made a known liar Mathew Finnegan, again lifelong member of the Labour Party, to be his ‘spin doctor’ who was also awarded £66,500 of the pot.

As part of the changes, Martin Vickers – currently a strategic director for customer and support services – will report directly to the mayor on ‘big strategic issues’ such as helping the troubled City of Salford stadium turn a profit. He will be supported by Jon Stonehouse, currently number two in the town hall’s children and schools department, who has been appointed his deputy. Both men will still work in their current roles, with Mr Vickers continuing to manage areas such as finance and IT.

Salford British National Party who have been scrutinizing Mr Stewart moves very carefully say, “Ian Stewart doesn’t represent Salford, as mayor he hasn’t really changed or done anything to improve Salford, all he has done is finance him and his pals, jobs for the boys comes to mind, under Labour nothing will chance in this city, they are only in it for their own personal gains and climbing the greasy pole.”

To contact Salford British National Party email or write to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT, Just to add on, Thank you to the Labour members who are unhappy who keep feeding us the information, you send it we will expose it. A question we would like to know the answer to, is just how well did Ian Stewart know Peter Tuffley, one of the Labour25 named and shammed, who was said to be a rising star in Salford Labour, who like to groom young lads from school, answers on a post card please.

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