Sunday, 17 February 2013

EU Tour Hits Salford Right On Schedule


Business as usual as the EU tour with party chairman Nick Griffin MEP rolls up as scheduled at Salford, meeting at the Bridgewater Hotel in Worsley.

The Bridgewater was the first of the two venues planned to meet the, elected European Parliament Northwest MEP Nick Griffin, a short question and answer and a general meet and greet session took place, and despite failed attempt’s from the Labour Party, who rang the landlady to complain in a very undemocratic and fascist way, designed to set out and disrupt the evening, the meeting went a head as a second venue took us in as originally planned.

The Meet Up Bridgewater

The whole event was overseen and chaired by Tameside Organiser Kay Pollitt and pre arranged by acting Northwest Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty, Kay hosting the event introduced Mr Griffin MEP to the nationalist packed room of new and old members along with supporters who have made enquires over the past few weeks

Nick spoke of how we must engage and help the elderly, disabled and most venerable people in life, because at this such financial crisis the country is in,  our own people, the British are struggling to put foods on the table with the stupid tax’s (Bedroom Tax) and the energy bills pilling up at the door. The British National Party will be taking steps nationwide to help the people who need it the most, by collection’s made locally to provide food parcels to the most needy in life.

Nick & Kay

Nick Griffin MEP Tells site “I thank the Salford team for hosting the event, and all the key officials who made the event work, such as Kay, Gary and Eddy O’Sullivan, and more so the members and supporters who turned up”

Acting Northwest Organiser Gary Tumulty added “This is one of many event’s to hit the Northwest in the next couple of months and I would urge all our members to contact me or their local organisers to see, what is happening in their area and how they can get involved.”

A respectable amount was collected at the meeting and will go towards the EU re election campaign. To contact Gary Tumulty email today.


  1. Brilliant meeting I was at both events, hope my donation goes along way

  2. I felt so sorry for that landlady at the bridgewater. The labour Party goons that threatened her put her in a right old state. They scared her witless. Well done BNP for being thoroughly civilised about the whole thing and, I agree, both venues were brilliant.

  3. that's labour all over we should hit back and put labour 25 leaflets all over that ward let them explain for once

  4. me to i was at both events it was good meeting