Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Over & Out Say The Lib Dems In Salford.

Before And After Lib Dem Office Salford

The wishy washy yellow belly Liberal Democrats in Salford have finally given up with politics, after the disastrous election results in 2012, after being beaten in to submission time and time again by the British National Party who are now the third main stream force and only real opposition in the city.

The first real blow is when they lost all their seats on the council, after the Salford voter turned their back and shown them the red card, Hardcore Lib Dem local leader Norman ‘Stormin’ Owen who lost his seat hit out at the top, blaming posh boy top notch Clegg for the loss of support, In all the disarray, the liberals were also given the boot from the council offices losing all the security pass’s and oppositions room which they occupied. A final nail in the coffin came as the local constituency and members office doors shut for the last time and the keys hung up and never to re opened.

Lib Dem Leader Norm the Storm Owen

Dubbed third main party in the city the British National Party candidates across wards have been coming above the Liberals and will continue to do so, Irwell Riverside where acting Northwest Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty stands in his home town, saw the Liberals campaign against the BNP and new boy Steve ‘put your foot in it’ Middleton, who refused to stand on the stage at the count with Gary after claiming, it was a two horse race between their party and Labour, how wrong could he have been, when he came rolling far behind our candidate.

Gary Tumulty tells correspondents “As I said back in May 2012 phase one is now complete, the lib dems have kicked the bucket and been run out of town, Now is a good time for the BNP in Salford, every day we get stronger and stronger, and the others get weaker, one day the we will have that upper hand in the council chamber, and then we will make some changes of our own”

To get in touch with Salford British National Party email Salford@bnp.org.uk or write to PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT

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